Temporary Traffic Arrangement


Temporary road closure around the Central Harbourfront during the Event (8-10 October)

Since certain roads in Central Harbourfront area will be used as the race track, the Organizer will close these roads, including part of Man Kwong Street, Man Cheung Street, Man Yiu Street, Lung Wo Road and the entire Yiu Sing Street, from 01:00 on 8 October to 06:00 on 10 October. Vehicle access, pedestrian path and crossings are all suspended. Hence, the following alternative routes are proposed for vehicles and pedestrians.


Traffic diversion from the West:

  • Vehicles not exceeding 7m in length heading for Central Pier must proceed to Man Kwong Street near Rumsey Street, vehicles exceeding 7m in length (except Bus) have to apply for a permit to enter Man Kwong Street.
  • Vehicles from Man Po Street have to proceed to Finance Street via the existing U-turn facility.
  • Vehicles may use the temporary U-turn facility near MTR Hong Kong Station on Man Cheung Street to proceed to Connaught Road Central.
  • A section of Chung Kong Road under Shun Tak Centre will be converted from existing one-way eastbound traffic to one-way westbound traffic. Vehicles have to proceed to Connaught Road Central.


Traffic diversion from the East:

  • Since Lung Wo Road will be closed, vehicles heading to City Hall, PLA Headquarters, Central Government Office and Chief Executive Office have to proceed via Connaught Road Central, while vehicles heading to Legislative Council Building may proceed to Tim Mei Avenue via Connaught Road Central and Lung Wui Road.
  • Vehicles from Lung Wui Road westbound, except for those heading for Tim Mei Avenue, have to proceed to Harcourt Road via Fenwick Pier Street Flyover.
  • Traffic near City Hall will not be affected.


Suggested pedestrian route during the Event:

  • There are 3 Event Entrances Gates located at Central Pier No. 9, Edinburgh Place and Lung Wo Road near Central Government Office respectively.  The Organizer will have control measures of public access and traffic flow to separate the spectators and general passers-by.  General public can continue to take various routes to go to different locations of the Central Harbourfront.
  • Most of the pedestrian paths and crossings at Man Yiu Street (between Lung Wo Road and Man Kwong Street) will be temporarily closed during the Event, but the footbridge connecting the Central Pier, MTR Hong Kong Station and IFC2 are open for public use as usual.
  • Pedestrian path at Lung Wo Road (between Man Yiu Street and Tim Mei Avenue) will be temporarily closed.  Public can use the pedestrian path along Connaught Road Central and Waterfront Promenade to go to Edinburgh Place, City Hall, PLA Headquarters, Central Government Office and Chief Executive Office.


Public transport arrangement during the Event:

  • After consulting with the relevant public transport operators, the temporary public transport arrangement are proposed as follow:
  1. Franchised Bus and GMB services:Number of existing routes will remain unchanged but part of the routes will be adjusted and certain stops / terminus will be relocated.
  2. GMB stops & Taxi stands:GMB stop near Central Pier No. 6 and the Taxi Stand will be swapped.
  3. Non-franchised Bus services:Non-franchised bus using Man Kwong Street and Man Cheung Street will be affected that their pick-up / drop-off points and routing will be slightly adjusted.

For more details about the temporary public transport service arrangement, please refer to the Traffic Notice by Traffic Department.


Temporary traffic arrangement before and after the Event (26 September – 7 October and 10-17 October)

For the safety of the race crew and spectators, and control measures of public access, the Organizer will install concrete safety barrier, race route barriers, spectator stand fences and other temporary measures, in addition to the set-up of pit stop, grandstand and carnival area. The construction works will start from 26 September and such works will be conducted during night times to minimize its impact to the traffic nearby. The Organizer has proposed alternative routes for the temporary road closure and the public road will be narrowed by one lane after the temporary constructions are in place. The restoration works will be conducted after the Event until 17 October 2016.


The following public roads will be closed or diverted:

  • The pick-up / drop-off point between Lung Wo Road and Central Post Office will be closed (26 September to 14 October, whole day)
  • Yiu Sing Street (29 September to 7 October, and 10-17 October, daily between 21:00 and 06:00 on the next day)
  • Yiu Sing Street westbound (From 21:00, 29 September to 7 October, and  10-16 October, whole day)
  • Lung Wo Road westbound between Man Yiu Street and Tim Wah Avenue (30 September to 2 October, daily between 00:00 and 06:00)
  • Lung Wo Road eastbound between Man Yiu Street and Tim Wah Avenue (3-4 October, daily between 00:00 and 06:00)
  • Man Yiu Street southbound turning right to the pick-up / drop-off point of IFC2 will be suspended (From 21:00, 4 October to 7 October, and 10 October, whole day)
  • Man Yiu Street southbound turning left to Lung Wo Road eastbound will be suspended (From 05:15, 5-7 October,  whole day)
  • Pick-up / Drop-off points at Central Pier No.7 and No.8 (6-7 October, and 11-12 October, daily between 01:00 to 05:30)
  • Man Yiu Street northbound between Man Po Street and Man Kwong Street (6-7 October and 11 October, daily between 01:00 to 05:30)
  • Lung Wo Road eastbound turning right to Edinburgh Place southbound will be suspended (From 21:00, 5 October to 7 October, and 10 October, whole day)


Existing pedestrian paths and footbridge will not be affected, but certain parts of the following paths will be temporarily closed or narrowed down to width not less than 1.5m:

  • Northern kerbside pedestrian path of Yiu Sing Street, between Man Yiu Street and Yiu Sing Street roundabout, will be temporarily closed
  • Pedestrian path of Central Post Office east and north will be temporarily closed
  • Pedestrian path between Edinburgh Place and Lung Wo Road will be temporarily closed, except for a footpath (no less than 1.5m) for public access


The following footpath will be temporarily narrowed down:

  • Pedestrian path between Edinburgh Place and Connaught Place
  • Southern kerbside pedestrian path of Lung Wo Road, between Man Yiu Street and Edinburgh Place and between Edinburgh Place and Tim Wah Avenue
  • Eastern kerbside pedestrian path of Man Yiu Street, between Lung Wo Road and Central Pier Bus Terminal entrance


In order to minimize the impact to the public road users nearby, the Organizer appointed a traffic consultant to conduct a study of the Transport Impact of the Event, and proposed a series of temporary traffic arrangement and submitted to the relevant government department.  In the coming month, the Organizer will continue to liaise with the stakeholders and communicate through mass media about the Event updates and information of temporary traffic arrangement.


For more detailed information of temporary traffic arrangement, please click here

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